Crowdfunding goal achieved!

The last 60 days were very exciting for us, and it confirmed what we imagined: Fantaspoa has a wonderful support network. In times of crisis and pandemic, we tried different ways to highlight the importance of the festival.

28 feature films that are part of our history were available free of charge to the public; we  discovered new talents and reassured already known ones with an online festival; in addition to promoting two film exhibitions with live music.

At the end of the crowdfunding campaign, we have an anthology project for the online festival shorts with disbritution rights sold to Raven Banner Entertainment, and we'll be able to keep on working on Fantaspoa.

Now, we will continue to prepare the sixteenth edition of Fantaspoa, the way its possible.

We are very grateful to everyone involved in this beautiful campaign, which determined the continuity of Fantaspoa.

You are amazing, thank you very much!


The pandemic of the COVID-19 virus forced us to postpone the 16th edition of Fantaspoa, which is now scheduled to happen between the months of October and November 2020. The dates will be defined later with the Fantaspoa exhibition circuit. For now, we all have to stay home. Health officials ask us to do this, if possible. The future of the world as we know it depends a lot on us right now, and staying at home is the biggest contribution that most people can make. And it will save many lives.

Fantaspoa at Home was an initiative that aimed to provide films that were shown in the history of Fantaspoa. Weekly, during the month of April, seven feature films were published that could be accessed free of charge by people from all over the world - with an availability period of 30 days. The selection was made jointly with producers, directors and distributors from different countries, reaffirming the international aspect that the festival's curatorship has always sought, and the sense of communion that exists in this group, which is a large family.


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Fantaspoa At Home's Art: Thalles Mourão

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