Conheça a Cabeça de

Juan Pérez (2008)

1h 24min | Mexico | Horror/Comedy

Subtitles: english, portuguese

Conozca la cabeza de Juan Pérez

Director: Emilio Portes
Writter: Emilio Portes

Cast: Silverio Palacios, Dolores Heredia, José Sefami, Carlos Cobos, Rubén Cristiany

Away from his body, the severed head of Juan Perez the Great (a low life magician of a small urban circus) recalls what led him to his own decapitation in the claws of a terrible Guillotine, like this: After a dreadful economic crisis, the Aztlan Circus (where our magician has lived so many years) begins to layoff artists from its show. To keep his place in the company, Juan Perez promises a sensational beheading act that could certainly bring the glory back to the big top. With the clock ticking and no money to build an artifact like this for his magic act, Juan Perez the Great is forced to break into a Museum to steal an original XVI Century Guillotine, that carries a deadly curse upon it...


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