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Fantaspoa at Home emerged as an initiative to promote entertainment for people in their homes, reinforcing the scientific findings about the need for quarantine that health professionals around the world have insistently propagated: for the future of humanity, it is essential that people immediately stop leaving their homes.

As an initiative to sensitize people to help in the crowdfunding campaign of 16th Fantaspoa, this site made available, over approximately 60 days, films that were part of this rich history that we have built until today - and that is of great importance in the cultural scene of our continent.


Fortunately, we managed to reach goal 1 of the campaign, ensuring the continuity of the event. We thank our supporters, whose names are on the "Supporters" link on this site.

To learn more about our history, visit: www.apoiefantaspoa.com



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Fantaspoa At Home's Art: Thalles Mourão

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